Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nothing new

well since nobody really looks at my blog i guess i can write whatever i want. nothing new has been going on easter was good we went down to sevier county nothing to exciting. we did watch ari for two nights he is really cute and did really well. he liked to pull out all the gatorade's and put them on the floor so aidan would go and put them right back. well about five min. later ari would take them right back off the shelf again. poor aidan he just kept putting them back in the same spot and ari would just keep getting them back out. i thought it was pretty funny. we went to the park up the canyon and went for a walk with a stroller that had a flat tire. yoda and ari had a lot of fun running around. then we took him down to redmond and we all went to the easter outing. aidan and i went over to the goodwins and had an easter dinner with his parents and grandparents. i am now 15 weeks pregnant and i am getting excited about the ultra sound in 5 more week wo ho. well i guess i will get back to work.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starting a new blog

well i am really borred at work so i am starting a blog. i don't really know what to write so i guese i'll just start babbling. aidan and i have been married three and a half years and it feels like it has been forever. we lived in orem for the 1st year and a half then we moved to vegas for a while and now we are back in provo. we are not really fans of provo and would really like to get away from hear. i loved vegas but aidan didn't hopefully we will find somewere we both like. we have a dog he is a west highland white terrier and his name is yoda. he is a little spit fire and is full of energy and always ready to give anyone loves. i didn't like dogs before but yoda has really filled a very hollow space in my heart. we got him about six months after we lost our first child and he has been the best therapy money could buy. i really want another dog so he can have a friend while aidan and i are at work. we almost got one but then i found out that i was pregnant in january and i became too sick to train a new puppy. it has been stressful these last three months due to the pregnancy i've been sick but not as bad as i was with my first. the stressfull part has been that we had no benefits and make way to much money to get government help. also stressfull is the fear of having another stillborn we try not to think about it but i'm sure when it comes close to the time we lost ella it will be extremely hard. anyways lets not think about that. so here we are i am now 14 weeks pregnant and will be going to the doctor this week for my second check up. aidan and i are watching my one year old nefew ari this weekend while my other nefew gavin in having his big surgery to get his chin to grow so that he can breath on his own. it will be an interesting two days he is quite the handfull. then we are going to go home and visit family that is always fun. well since i am at work i had better stop rambling and see if i can get this set up how i like it.