Sunday, June 29, 2008

I don't think it can get any hotter

it's flipping hot. our swamp cooler is broken and i think i am going to die. in the evening i just lay on the couch drinking ice water and dream of being in a huge freezer. i did get a baby pool which is very refreshing when it is first filled the water is nice and cold but after a day the sun heats the water up making it useless. this weekend i finally went to redmond and got the truck and brought up a ladder (and all of ella's old stuff) in hopes that aidan could use his magic hands and fix the cooler. however this place is such an old p.o.s. that hasn't been taken care of very well that the cooler was unfixable. so now i have to continue roasting like a thanksgiving turkey in this oven of an apt. well now that i have vented for a few minutes i guess i'll tell ya'll what's been going on in our world. um let me think. i pretty sure just about nothing has been going on. aidan hates his job he has been working graves. and i hate my job which i have been going in for nine hours a day now. i do work with some really great people however but there are some really mean people out there that happen to be a few landscapers. but this is all boring stuff what would be fun is if you stopped reading this and actually came over and then we could have a BBQ by the pool. just give us a call and let us know so i can fill it up.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Becca and Stella on our hike at Cascade Springs.

This is Stella. She is Yoda's friend from Vegas that came to stay for a few days and play.

My friend Becca came up from Vegas for a few days and we took our dogs up to cascade springs and to see sundance. It was a lot of fun however painful it was after the small hike. nothing like being swollen and pregnant. It was well worth it and a lot of fun.