Sunday, April 13, 2008


well this weekend was fun. misty, the girls and my mom came up for the day. heather brought the boys over and we went to the park with kfc and had a picnic and flew kites. it was a lot of fun we also did some shopping and played some game cube. aidan stayed home with yoda until he had to go to work. i wish i had remembered to take my camera with me but i didn't so i put up this picture of the yods and aidan. but i am going to take some updated pictures soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby's been moving

well it's offical i feel like there is life inside of me. i have been able to feel baby moving in there and it sure feels good. i already am huge even though i am not even half way i feel like there is twins in there. the ultra sound will be in about three more weeks so yea. i had my family up this weekend during conference we had a BBQ on Sunday at my place. heather and tyler have been moving all weekend into there new town house. but because i'm prego i wasn't much help and was pretty sick anyways. aidan has started his new schedule and i have been having a hard time adjusting to his being gone so late at night. not only am i counting down the days to to baby but that's when i will get to quit my job. i've never understood how a mother would choose to work instead of being a full time mom. unless of course out of necessity. i hate working and would love to take care of my kids all day. well i need to down load some new pics to the computer but they are all of yoda so i haven't been in to much of a hurry. well life has been going well.