Thursday, January 21, 2010

more pictures that i took

these are just some more pictures i have been taking with my new camera. i've been having a lot of fun with it! this is yoda on my mom (who hates dogs so this was just too cute)
i made my nieces play model for me however they were very difficult to get them all to smile at the same time and little raven is quite the character and likes to pull faces but we had a fun time!

this is the bug taking a pic of me lol

bridger LOVES bath time

and he loves to get his picture taken!

this is the little guy trying to walk in my slippers.

my nieces again they are so stinking cute!

these pics were really fun to take of my sister i did her hair all big and poofy and her make up and she was my model lol! we just went out and messed around however she made for a really awesome model!

she is living at my parents right now because her husband just went to boot camp so we did a few patriotic pics so that we could send some to him i really like the way they turned out!

anyways looking forward to taking more pictures and just having a lot of fun hope it wasn't too boring for you to look at!

aidan's 31st birthday

we celebrated aidan's 31st birthday on jan 9th! we had a lot of fun we took bridger to my sisters to babysit and we went to dinner and a movie (Avatar...and i loved it) then we came back and had cake and ice cream.
bridger had fun delivering aidan his birthday presents while riding in the back of his huge tonka truck!
happy birthday aidan we love you!