Saturday, July 31, 2010

A zebra wedding cake!

we just made another wedding cake and yes this is exactly what the girl wanted she sent us a picture and what she wanted for colors! this cake turned out amazing i loved it! and it does look a little slanted on the pictures but wasn't so i think it was my skills as photographer!
this is karissa she even came down for a day and helped!

tara cutting out the stripes
this is us at the place with our final product! it was so much fun we love making them!

i'll have to post more pics soon of all the fun we had the week we where at my parents!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

flaby flab go away!

ok so i have the most difficult time working out! i always have some excuse for not doing it such as there are snakes on the road (i saw 3 in the length of a football field) i can't afford to get a gym pass or buy that expensive video, or it's just to far to travel and i don't have a babysitter! but i have no excuses anymore i just found this website and did a full one hour boot camp video FREE! i loved it! i can do it in my own home and watch bridger at the same time and nobody can see my flab flabbing around and did i mention it's FREE! i also put it up here cause usually i'm better at doing things when i have it in writing and i thought maybe you guys might like it too! anyhoo here is the link!