Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a day in the park

the weather has been warming up a bit so we have been spending some time outside! i have found the best part it's so pretty and i get to take a ton of fun pics. i can't wait for spring and summer to get here...

this is aidan and i with matching hats so we took a pic and he made me post it!
briger's fairy godmother came up for a short visit and he had a blast seeing her! thanks becca we had tons of fun!

this is aidan and bridger playing at the park.

this pic is of the whole fam but my head is in the light so we are going to have to get a better pic but the batts on my camera died =(.

this is after the park adian ran to wall-mart and i was on the couch reading. bridger started to be very quiet and when i looked up he had pulled the disgusting door mat on to himself like a blanket and fell asleep in the corner! he was one tired little boy and yes i do have plenty of blankets for the little guy he just likes the rug for some reason!

this is how bridger likes to slide down the slide and he goes all by himself! his personality is really starting to shine!

i don't like very many pics of myself (hence why there are so few of me that i post) but i like this one... well for the most part! the little boy in it just makes it wonderful!

these are my boys only one missing is yoda bear.

Friday, February 5, 2010

the stuff you find in your closets...

alright so i have decided it's time for a major spring cleaning (i feel that if i call it spring cleaning maybe spring will come faster) and i found this in my closet and thought it was pretty cool that once upon a time i drew it! (natalie from snow will remember this) it was part of our art class final! we had to draw a self portrait....so i think i drew three or four can't really remember but anyhoo i found this one. wow i look young and skinny in it and it's just my face lol! those where some fun times back @ snow wish i could still play sand v ball every afternoon stay up until 4 and sleep in until 4 (i have no idea how i graduated). i would have posted some other drawings but i realized they really aren't all that good so i'm sparing you but hope you have fun thinking of your school experiences too! i have this problem every time i try to deep clean i just find stuff and get side tracked on a road down memory lane!

another fun day of photos

ok so i'm sorry if your sick of pictures but it's what i've been up too lately and hey it's my blog right? anyhoo my sister and i decided to get some pics of her boys and bridger and they turned out so cute! these are just a few of them but it however was hard to pick! oh and someone asked what kinda camera i got... it's a nicon d 3000 and it's a lot of fun! i'm thinking about getting photo shop so if anyone out there can give me some lessons on how to work it that would be great! also if anyone want some free pics i can shoot ya anytime just let me know.

This is i think my all time favorite picture i just love it! the three boys running poor bridger just trying to keep up!