Monday, December 22, 2008

meet the new addition to our family!

this is jack frost goodwin. born december 22nd. 6ft and 310lbs. we are so excited to have him join the family and look forward to many more days of having him wave to us from the front yard.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rock Band

aidan and i bought my sisters xbox 360 and her games. one of which was rock band. oh my goodness it is so much fun and so addicting. i have moved on in the guitar and now play medium instead of easy. well on the 17th it was my sister misty's birthday so all the girls got together to go christmas shoping. it was a lot of fun especially later that night when we got pizza and had a rock band tournament.
karissa is the best one out of all of us she's plays on hard and can do some of the easier songs on expert.

aidan really concentrating on the notes. nobody can do the drums on anything but easy.

we were even brave enough to sing. go tara!

it may not look like gavin is having fun but he got his turn at all the instruments. we were actually surprised that a 4year old could go so long without dying.

my mom even got in on the action and didn't get kicked off the stage once her very first time. we were so proud. you would think that all this time you spend playing a silly video game you could learn to play a real insturment.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

our first family professional photo shoot

and yes we got suckered in to buying more than we had planned on!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

oh christmas tree

aidan and i put up the christmas tree today and lets just say it takes up about one fourth of our front room. when i went to get it with my family up in the mountains it was on the side of a hill so it didn't look so big until after we cut it down. oh well aidan and i struggled a bit to get it in the house but once we got it to fit we sure had a lot of fun putting up the trimmings. bridger loves the tree he has just been staring at it all night. i just love christmas and this year is really special because i get to share it with my son. the last two were pretty hard to get through with out our little angel to share them with. she will still be missed but that's why christmas is even more special. whitout christ's birth we would have never had his atonment and sacrafice. i feel so blessed that as long as i do my part i will get to see her again. anyhoo i just love this whole month and wish it lasted all year but then i guess it wouldn't be as exciting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

little ladies man

we went to visit the jesops today and bridger loved the ladies he had so much fun with taylor and baylee. I swear we did not pose them to hold hands we just sat them by each other and bridger just too charge and he sure looks happy with baylee by his side. he is learning early how treat a woman:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

bridgers baby blessing

bridger was blessed on november 2, 2008 in the pleasant view 2nd ward. he was so cute but he is getting really big and barely fit into the white tux we borrowed and the outfit he is wore for the rest of the day is a 3-6month (he wasn't even 2months old). he had so much family there to support him on his special day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

bridger's 1st halloween

this was bridger's 1st halloween. (for some reason the pictures down loaded in the wrong order sorry) the 1st picture is yoda out on the front porch swing waiting for the trick or treaters to come by.

This is bridger in his costume he is a skeleton inside a pumpkin kinda. but the skeleton actually glowed in the dark.
all we did for halloween was walk across the street because the neighbors had a scary mini spook ally thing that we walked through that was fun. then we spent the rest of the night handing out candy. poor bridge he'd just fall asleep in my arms when there would be a knock on the door. but it was ok i listed to christmas music most the night and played a lot of solitaire.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm loosing my mind

alright so yesterday i went a little weird. i had decided (after watching oprah) that i was going to roast a chicken. this was something new that i had never done before. i started with buying the cheapest 5lb chicken i could find and brought it home. then i began my extensive research on the Internet to learn just how to roast a chicken. i decided to go with a butter herb spread and to brine the chicken before hand. i even went to the store and bought fresh herbs. when it came time to push the spread up under the chicken skin it was very difficult i could barely get the skin to separate from the stupid bird. after a lot of hard work i threw it into a turkey bag and in the oven. by the time it was done it smelled so good but didn't look quiet like oprah's. i woke aidan up and we sat down and i began to carve the bird but the thing was all bones. aidan and i spent a lot of time picking off what we could until we were full. then it came time to put the food away and we began striping the rest of the meat off and aidan turned it over and there amazingly was all this white succulent meat. i had cooked that stupid thing upside down. no wonder it didn't look like the pictures. and the night just got worse. i had changed my shirt but the new one i put on was inside out. when bridger was in his regular fussy time we decided to go for a ride and get a drink. glad i ran into the store forgetting all about my shirt and wondering why the two other people in there kept staring at me. by the time we got back bridger was out and so was i. aidan got up to take care of him the first while and i guess when he came back into bed our conversation went like this.
me "where's the ketchup?"
aidan "what?"
me "i mean the hot dog?"
aidan "hu?"
me "well, what's the dogs name again?"
aidan "yoda?"
me "oh ya"
but i have absolutely no recollection of this but aidan said it was pretty funny. i really must have been tired. but i guess roasting a chicken really takes a lot out of ya.

Monday, October 27, 2008

bridger's smile

Monday, October 20, 2008

I went home this last weekend to celebrate my moms, ravens and my own birthdays. it was a lot of fun and i was able to spend time with all my sisters. when i went down however i found out that my grandpas health is not doing so well and he may need to even get a pace maker. so i made sure bridger was able to get some pictures with him. we also have some pictures with his great grandparents on the goodwin side. the other picture i posted it just becouse i thought it was cute and well that's about it not to exciting of a post.

Monday, September 22, 2008

2 Weeks Old

in my younger years i remember walking around holding my dolls being the best mother in the world. i would wrap them up in their little blankets, feed them, change their diapers and brush their hair. i'm sure by the time i was 5 i was a perfect mother for those plastic little creations. even in high school i still got to play mommy for child development with an egg and with the simulated dolls that cry randomly and you have to hold the key until they shut up. but no amount of life training whether formal or just play time growing up trained me for this. the bridge is two week old now and wow i haven't had time to do really anything for myself. all he does is cry, poop and eat. and then with maybe an hour of sleep the cycle begins again cry, poop, eat. there is no magic key to hold to turn the loud crying off and instead of the wonderful smell of plastic out comes a mustard yellow stink (and that is not an egg yolk like what happened to my egg baby). i never knew how long a night could last until now. but slowly things are changing or i'm changing. i don't care anymore if i get poop on my hands or spit up down my shirt like i use to when it was my nieces and nephews. i love that i can pick something so little and scared after getting his foot poked by the nurse and have him cuddle to his mommy for comfort. i love that most the time when he is screaming it's because we just can't figure out what he wants. for instance last night he was so hungry but he wouldn't eat i had done everything i could think of i even warmed the bottle for the third time i began to thing i must have just ate something bad and he was rejecting my breast milk. then aidan came out and tried for a bit and then he pulled out the bottle and it wasn't letting any food out of the nipple. after i quickly fixed the problem little brigder settled right down had dinner and went right to sleep. so now after two weeks a no sleep and having an infant show you how many mistake you make you learn how to really serve and to really love unconditionally. because when i think there may be some real problem going on with the little guy all he wants to do is cry, poop and eat but he always mixes it with a whole lot of love. something a plastic doll can never teach you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet Bridger Glen Goodwin

Born at 6:56pm on Sept 8 2008. Weight 7 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long
We are so excited to have him here; he is such a little cutie. it was a lot of fun and very exhausting but it was well worth the effort.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ella Adison, My Little Angel

This is a blanket her aunts made for her and it is what she was buried with to keep warm.
this is the only big expensive gift i'll ever be able to buy for her and i made sure it was perfect.
it was amazing how giving others are in a time of need we felt so loved by so many.
aidan was my strength during this time and yoda bear helped to fill in the hollowness i felt and helped me to get up out of bed every morning. he will always be special to us.

this is me holding my little girl in the hospital i only got to have her in my arms for such a short time but i'm glad i did have that opportunity. she is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
i'm sorry if this blog bother some people. i however have been thinking a lot about my first child since this is about the time in my 1st pregnancy that we lost her. i am putting up some pictures of things that have a special place in my heart that remind me of her. then next week i'll hopefully get to put up some really cute pictures of her bother. but she'll never be forgotten or replaced.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

alright i finally took the baby thing off that had malfunctioned and was stuck on 19 weeks. but it feels good to know that i have a week left and hopefully i'll have a baby in my arms and ready to bring home. sept 11th is the big day so keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

aidan got tagged

aidan's friend karl tagged him so i made him answer the questions. he thought it was silly but you do what the wife says.

Attached or Single: Attached...
Best Friend: Yoda Bear:)
Cake or Pie: Apple Crisp
Day of Choice: Days off!
Essential Item: Definitely toilet paper:(
Favorite Color: Green
Gummy Bears or Worms: Swedish fish (yum)
Hometown: Richfield
Favorite Indulgence: Tickles from Racquel:)
January or July: January it's my birthday!!
Kids: One Dog, One Angel and One on the way.
Life isn't Complete Without: Loosing a finger<:( Marriage Date: August 14, 2004
Number of Bothers and sisters: One Brother and three sisters.
Oranges or Apples: Oranges (the chocolate kind)
Phobias: "Fear is the mind killer"
Quote: Frodo:"Go back, Sam! I'm going to Mordor alone."
Sam: "Of course you are and I"m coming with you!" -Lord of the Rings.
Reasons to Smile: September 11th , Hopefully.....
Season of Choice: Summer
Tag 3 People: Ashley, Erin and Don
Unknown Fact About Me: I'm a numismatic
Vegetable: Tomato... Or is that a fruit?
Worst Habit: Hiding Candy... I wouldn't tell you anyways.
X-Ray or Ultrasound: X-ray
Your Favorite Food: Cheap Mexican!
Zodiac: Semaphore N&D

so there you have it. if you have any questions please take it up with aidan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

lazy afternoons

this is pretty much all that goes on after i come home from work. yoda loves to cuddle up to my belly but we've run out of room on the couch for the three of us so yoda has found a nice spot to hang out right on top of me and baby. the picture of aidan is when we watched his parents dog little buddy. you can sure tell some one is jealous in this picture. i love dogs so much they have so much more personality then i ever could have imagined. i can't wait to have a new addition to our home (that however will be three boys with one girl i don't know how i'm going to handle it).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good News

well i have good news i will be having baby in one month. yephoo. we have scheduled an induction on sept. 11th. so unless baby comes earlier sept 11 will be his birthday. well that's about all i have to say i'm just hoping baby can survive in my womb that long. it's getting close to the time that we lost ella so yes i've been freaking out and having a lot of stress. i have been paying really close attention to babies movements and it's kinda sad but i report to aidan everyday to let him know that yes baby is still alive. that's about were our focus has been which is why we are way behind on having every thing ready for baby. i just don't think i can come home to any empty nursery again so we haven't really set it up. but no worries i have been working on it just slowly. when you have a baby after having a stillborn they call it a rainbow baby because it is the rainbow after the storm. let me tell you it has been a storm and one that i didn't think i'd ever see the end. so just a few more weeks of hurricane and then the sun will come out. anyways enough with all the personal blabber. we are excited.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bear Lake Vacation

Gavin and Akasha just floating
Grandma Pickett
Misty, Me (i'm a chunk) and Karissa
Grandpa, Tyler and the Kids

Karissa getting splashed

Aidan Lounging
bear lake was a lot of fun. we rented a cabin that was up on the hill and we had a beautiful view of the lake from the deck. it was a lot of fun. we spent a lot of time at the lake just hanging out. we also went to the pickleville playhouse to a western mellow drama and not only did the kids love it the adults had fun booing and hissing too. we tried to go to the cave that is up in idaho and drove all the way to find out it was a two hour wait and decided to just go back to the lake. no worries we made sure we got a famous raspberry shake yummy. it was a lot of fun hanging out with the family and playing games and talking. we are going to try and plan something for next year even if it is just camping we want to get back together again.