Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bear Lake Vacation

Gavin and Akasha just floating
Grandma Pickett
Misty, Me (i'm a chunk) and Karissa
Grandpa, Tyler and the Kids

Karissa getting splashed

Aidan Lounging
bear lake was a lot of fun. we rented a cabin that was up on the hill and we had a beautiful view of the lake from the deck. it was a lot of fun. we spent a lot of time at the lake just hanging out. we also went to the pickleville playhouse to a western mellow drama and not only did the kids love it the adults had fun booing and hissing too. we tried to go to the cave that is up in idaho and drove all the way to find out it was a two hour wait and decided to just go back to the lake. no worries we made sure we got a famous raspberry shake yummy. it was a lot of fun hanging out with the family and playing games and talking. we are going to try and plan something for next year even if it is just camping we want to get back together again.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

i need baby names

so aidan and i have really done pretty much nothing to get ready for this baby. i'm sure this has been out of fear of getting attached and then loosing so much again it's just easier not to think about it. but now that i have started thinking about it there is only two months left and if this baby makes it home we are soo not prepared. I'M FREAKING OUT! so here is the deal to all my friends out there (i think there's about four) i have finally sat down and looked at boy names. i've made a list and went over it with aidan and i just wanted you to look over them and tell me what ones ya like or if ya have any suggestions that would be great too. so here i go.
and Stoner

Ha Ha just kidding about the last one. but i did seriously find it on the web sight. who honestly would name their child that. with ella we actually had about three names we liked and then when um she was born but not really born we picked two of them so it was easy. this time we have no idea. also if you could all pray that baby will come a few weeks early and healthy that would be nice too. well put on your thinking caps and get to work with the task i have now assigned you. thanks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Date

So now that i'm really really pregnant i swear i can't get enough food. i do not feel full it doesn't matter how much i eat. anyways aidan and i went on a date last night it was soo much fun and it's been a while since we went out and did something together in public. he took me to dinner and i wanted country fried steak so we went to this dive of a restaurant and i got my steak. however i ate everything including most of aidan's meal. the waitress even brought me another salad because she accidental took my first that i was still working on. well after dinner we went up to cascade golf course and did some miniature golfing. i would like to say that i won. even with all of aidan cheating i still won. i had a blast. we didn't want the night to end so we decided that getting a shake would be a good idea and go figure it was(a good idea). i was a little upset because we should have taken the camera so i could have posted some photos but what can ya do.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

my hero

Well my honey bunny who spends countless hours play WOW (world of war craft) as seen in the picture above was able to fix the swamp cooler. so to all my worried fans out there, that i'm sure were very concerned about my comfort and well being, can rest assured that i am finally able to come to a cool home. my puppy is also very great full to aidan for accomplishing this feat and likes to lay under the cool air in the hallway making a small road block for a big mama bear like me to have to navigate around. he think he owns the place and can get very demanding of his time and space. it will be interesting when baby gets here and he has to take a back seat. i just hope that he doesn't feel like lady did on "lady and the tramp" and run away from home and eat a lot of spaghetti. well that reminds me we still have not come up with a name. honestly we haven't really been trying too hard to find one but if anyone has some ideas let me know because we are running out of time. i will also have to post some pictures of baby's nursery when it gets all set up. our little boy will be in a lovely girl nursery for the first year of his life. oh well what can ya do. well i'd better run.