Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zane Scott

 On November 19, 2013 Zane finally decided it was time to come out! It was a rough pregnancy and I'm glad it's over. I went into labor 6 weeks early and since we now live in Richfield I couldn't have my baby down here that early so I spent 4 weeks lying in bed! Those where 4 very long weeks. But i made it to 37 weeks and 5 days! I kept going to the hospital and they kept sending me home. I finally went in on a Sunday and i was dilated to a 5+ but it was going very slowly and my midwife didn't want to use pitocin. I decided to just go home and wait there for a while. Well contractions stopped but she checked me the next day and i was about the same I went back at 5pm and I was a 6+ with no contractions so i went back home. Tuesday morning i woke up at 5am with contractions I new this time it was for real there was no way i was going to stop after being so dilated. I woke Aidan up around six and told him that this was the real deal annnndddd he told me to wait it out because it probably wasn't. I wanted to kick him! I was real nice and told him i would wait until 7 but if they didn't go away we were going to the hospital. At 7 Aidan says lets wait until 8am that's when i was like no I'll drive myself. So he very slowly got up and went and got his mom we finally left at 7:45. It was just after 8 when i walked in and the nurse checked me. She said I was an 8+ and if my water had broke the baby would have been there. I was in so much pain they called my midwife she hoped in the car and the epidural guy was there in minutes and we had Zane at 9:05 am it was all pretty fast. It was super fun not finding out what we where having and Bridger was very excited he was got a brother. we didn't have a name picked out either but Aidan saw him and said he should be Zane and since he didn't look like any of the names I liked we went with it. I got to hold him right after but he was sure working very hard to breath. much harder then most newborns and they told me he needed to transition and he had 4 hours to do it or they would have to life flight him to Provo's NICU. They put my little guy up to a CPAP machine and tried there very best to help him but nothing really worked. Life flight came and they intabated him and off he went. my doc let me go since the labor went really well for me so we packed and said goodbye to my kids and took off to Provo.

 this is him hooked up to the CPAP at UVRMC's NICU. it looks scary but it was much better then the ventilator.

this is me holding him in richfield right before life flight showed up.

Happy I got to hold him.
This is how he was the first day on the ventilator it was just giving his little body a break from breathing so hard.
The tubes went into his lungs so i couldn't hold him at this time. It was not fun seeing my baby like this.
It turned out that he had pneumonia and had to be in the hospital for 10 days on antibiotics. It was a difficult time and i was torn between being with him and missing my other two at home. I am however just so grateful that they have all these things in place and were able to care for my little guy. he is now 4 months old and smiles and love to watch his brother and sister play. He has been such a blessing for our family.