Monday, December 28, 2009


christmas this year was better than i could have ever imagined! we had two of my sisters and there families over for christmas eve dinner. we played games with them until aidan had to go to work. that night i couldn't hardly sleep a wink due to extreme excitment for the following morning. but it finally came and bridger was soo much fun once he realized what was going on. santa brought bridger a rocking horse that sings a song and talks his mouth even moves like he is really speaking. it was a lot of fun bridger couldn't decide which toy he wanted to play with and kept running from one toy to the next! i got a new camera from aidan a really really nice camera! unfortuanatly i opened it at the end of the unwraping of presents and had been taking pictures with an oldschool camera that used film! but i have taken a whole bunch of pictures over the hoilday of family and all the fun activities we have been doing! i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and was able to spend time with family and enjoy the spirit of christ!

my photos =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my favorite time of year

i love this time of year! christmas is my favorite holiday i am so glad that it lasts a whole month i just wish it went all year! i love the lights, the shopping, wrapping presents, putting up a real christmas tree! just all of it! we have already started in the celebrations the day after christmas i went up the mtn with family to get there christmas trees (haven't got ours cuz i didn't want to do it without aidan) then last sat bridger and i went to my moms house and we made tons of christmas candy! i've hung a garland and lights on our rail and today we went outside and played in the snow. when we came back in we had hot chocolate and made a gingerbread house! bridger loved eating as much candy as he could we had to strap him into his chair cuz he kept climbing onto the table and trying to grab the candy off the little house. it was a lot of fun and i can't wait for all the fun exciting things to come this special month!

this was thanksgiving we had so much fun norma and grandpa fell asleep after dinner!

this was us up in the mountains while my sisters got there christmas trees bridger had so much fun!

we made hats that every one had to wear for our dinner (yes the picketts are a little strange but are always ready for a good laugh). we also made the little turkey oranges and decoration for the tables.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

halloween 2009

our halloween this year wasn't too eventful but we still had fun! for our family night (which was on a tuesday cuz it was aidan's night off) we decided to carve pumpkins! we got three one for each of us but after carving bridger's pumpkin i was done!

bridger's pumpkin is on the left i carved that one and aidan's is on the right his is all scary ;)

we dressed the little guy up as a pumpkin he wouldn't leave his hat on for very long. i dressed up as a sexy devil however i didn't get a pic of me =( and aidan didn't dress up he just went to work.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

our trip to the zoo

my sister misty invited us to go to the zoo today with her family. so we went and boy it was a lot of fun! we rode the train and bridger rode the giraffe on the carousal. there were a lot of little baby animals that were just so adorable!
this is bridger watching his favorite exhibit the black swans.

this is a blurry pic but it's the only one i have of us on the carousal

here is the mommy and baby elephant. they were so cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

girls night out!

the pickett girls got together and had a girls night out! it was a lot of fun we went shopping, out to dinner to the olive garden, and to see the movie "The Proposal". we had so much fun my sisters are the best and my mom is just amazing! it was great especially not taking the kids.

this is us at the olive garden, yummy!

we had a little time before the movie started so we went to shopko and started goofing around =)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

he takes after his dad!

Monday, September 28, 2009

tea party

this is just my favorite pic of the little guy! he is starting to look like a little boy now =(
bridger and i were invited to the goodwin auntie tea party this last weekend and it was a lot of fun! we all wore our favorite hats and bridger wore his dads hat i just put a flower in it to make it look cute. he is such a cutie he loves to where this hat i think it's cuz he sees his daddy in it!

the party was very beautiful and very very yummy!

this was out amazing host auntie erin! thank you for the invite erin we had so much fun.

and here is me and bugsly in our hats.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tara's wedding day

these are pictures from tara's wedding day! this is all us sisters and the wonderful cake that we made we where so spanking proud of that thing!
this is us with my mom and my beautiful nieces and nephews at the temple.

and here is the gorgeous couple at the manti temple. it was a beautiful ceremony they where married in the same place aidan and i were!
here is all us picketts!

this is the back yard we decorated it up and it looked pretty neat especially when it got dark. we had christmas lights in the trees and lining the flower beds and the some of the chinees lanterns had lights in them too.

and here is aidan and tyler caring the cake outside to the table! lol tyler sure does look a lot taller than aidan.

anyhoo it was a lot of fun i love weddings and i loved making the cakes so if you ever need one give me a call and i'll do it for a small fee...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1 year old!

my little boy is now one! i can't believe how fast time goes. we had a little party on his birthday. i made the cake it is an inchworm. it turned out really cute and was really simple to make. we also had a small cake for bridger to dig into however he fell asleep 10 min before his party started and we had to wake him up so he wasn't really in the mood to make a mess. anyhoo it was a lot of fun.
these are the only pics i have of the cake i forgot to get some pics of it before we ate it oops.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

becca's visit

my friend becca from vegas came to visit us! she brought her dog stella too and we had a lot of fun. bridger just loves dogs here we are taking a break by the creek on a hike up one of the many canyons here in utah.
becca was really good she actually carried the chunk man most of the way and as you can see he loved it until the end then i think he was getting a little tired of being in the back pack.

this is the three of us.

me packing the chunky monkey.

bridger playing with stella she was really good with bridger.

thanks becca for the visit. bridger loves his new toys and i love his new clothes. can't wait until we get to see you again!

Monday, August 10, 2009

it's good to be back home!

ok it's been the longest two weeks i've had in a long time! my two sisters were married a week apart (karissa on the 1st and tara on the 8th) they turned out beautiful! i'll have to add better pictures later! so i moved back home for two weeks to help my parents prepare. however my sisters and i decided we wanted to make the cakes... what a process that is it takes many many hours to do but it was a lot of fun and well worth it in the end! we had a lot of mistakes that turned out to be even better then our original plan! anyways i was so impressed with our work they turned out better than i imagined!

this is aidan giving bridger a bath.

he just has to climb on EVERYTHING!

here is is so tired at grandmas we all felt that way tho!

this cake was tara's cake she knew exactly what she wanted and even drew us a picture!

this is karissa's cake she didn't care so much what we did so we just used our own creative ideas and they worked!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

alright i finally found the camera! so here are some updated pictures of trouble, and trouble doesn't even cover it! he climbs and gets into every thing he possibly can. oh and he just started walking a few days ago(he is very proud of this and so is his mamma)
he loves climbing up on this case we had to move it away from the window so he would climb out and fall two storys.

he loves to play with the door stop spring.
when the day is done he is exhasted and loves to fall asleep on my pillow.

what a stinkin cutie!