Monday, December 28, 2009


christmas this year was better than i could have ever imagined! we had two of my sisters and there families over for christmas eve dinner. we played games with them until aidan had to go to work. that night i couldn't hardly sleep a wink due to extreme excitment for the following morning. but it finally came and bridger was soo much fun once he realized what was going on. santa brought bridger a rocking horse that sings a song and talks his mouth even moves like he is really speaking. it was a lot of fun bridger couldn't decide which toy he wanted to play with and kept running from one toy to the next! i got a new camera from aidan a really really nice camera! unfortuanatly i opened it at the end of the unwraping of presents and had been taking pictures with an oldschool camera that used film! but i have taken a whole bunch of pictures over the hoilday of family and all the fun activities we have been doing! i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and was able to spend time with family and enjoy the spirit of christ!

my photos =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my favorite time of year

i love this time of year! christmas is my favorite holiday i am so glad that it lasts a whole month i just wish it went all year! i love the lights, the shopping, wrapping presents, putting up a real christmas tree! just all of it! we have already started in the celebrations the day after christmas i went up the mtn with family to get there christmas trees (haven't got ours cuz i didn't want to do it without aidan) then last sat bridger and i went to my moms house and we made tons of christmas candy! i've hung a garland and lights on our rail and today we went outside and played in the snow. when we came back in we had hot chocolate and made a gingerbread house! bridger loved eating as much candy as he could we had to strap him into his chair cuz he kept climbing onto the table and trying to grab the candy off the little house. it was a lot of fun and i can't wait for all the fun exciting things to come this special month!

this was thanksgiving we had so much fun norma and grandpa fell asleep after dinner!

this was us up in the mountains while my sisters got there christmas trees bridger had so much fun!

we made hats that every one had to wear for our dinner (yes the picketts are a little strange but are always ready for a good laugh). we also made the little turkey oranges and decoration for the tables.