Saturday, May 7, 2011


we love easter at our house!
the easter bunny came saturday mourning and boy he sure did bring the goods! (it's so hard not to buy everything in the store for your babies)

even gracie got a basket! she pretty much was crashed on the couch the entire time bridger hunted for eggs.

my family has the tradition of rolling the easter eggs and i'm going to pass it on to my children! i know to most of you it's a little weird but my mom remembers when she was little they would all roll eggs down the hill at the manti temple.

and yes we rolled the eggs right by the no littering sign =)

this is gracie in her easter outfit. we love to play dress up!

bridger was running around in our tiny condo to find the eggs just look at that face!

he is still talking about finding easter eggs he had so much fun.

here we are coloring them. he loved it a lot we made monster eggs and only had a few egg deaths!

aidan thought this was so funny. he drew this on bridgers face.....however bridger was not happy about it at all!

i hope everyone had a great easter just like we did!