Saturday, October 8, 2011

catch up!

i haven't posted in a while so i thought i'd put up some pics of all the happening going on in our little family! Bridger is now fully potty trained...YAY.
the kids and i attended the annual tea party that aidan's sisters have! it was a lot of fun the food was out of this world!
the girls got to dress up as fairies!
this is gracies first time to eat veggies and she loves food! i haven't found one thing yet that she wont eat.
bridger loves his little sister.on september 8th bridger turned 3! he wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday and we did!
he loved the animals but i think his favorite was dancing to the african music at the elephant exhibit!

aidan insisted i put up this pic (i look terrible) however it's pretty funny! gracie spit up all over my face....good thing my mouth was closed =)
we welcomed our newest cousin mya into the fam! the two girls are so cute together.
and finally we made four cakes this summer two in the same week.

it's been crazy busy but lots of fun! now my favorite time of year coming up the holidays! i'm already thinking about christmas!