Wednesday, December 22, 2010

catch up pictures!

here are pictures that i haven't posted for a while! i know there are a bunch of them so sorry but it's hard to pick which ones to put up!
he loves the snow!

decorating the tree!
he loved carving pumpkins!

he was jim bridger (the mtn man) this year for halloween!
pumpkin patch with the fam!

i just liked this pic!
my wonderful little boy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

another cake

this is just another cake that we made for my brother-inlaw's sister! it was lots of fun!

Friday, December 10, 2010

we having a.....

Girl! it's time to get some pink in our house!!!! good news all around lumpy has no cancer and bridger will hopefully be getting a little sister!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


so if you know me and know me pretty well you know that i hate winnie the pooh! i think it's terrible that they named the bear after fecal matter! however i have introduced winnie the poop and yes i mean to call him poop to bridger so that he does not miss out on the good'ol fashion cartoon. we have one movie and it's when roo meets lumpy the hefalump. bridger loves this movie and likes to watch it over and over! so i thought due to some recent events that i would put a warning out to all of you. if you watch this movie more than 50 times, like i have, you will end up with a lump on your neck. cuz i'm pretty darn sure that is the curse of the movie and i have now named my lump, lumpy after a hefalump (since i feel like a huge elephant atm) i did get an ultrasound and lumpy is definitely on my thyroid and he's huge! next step will be a biopsy to make sure it's benign which cross your fingers it is. however they can't do much about it now due to my condition (being preggo) but will most likely have surgery to get it cut out after the baby's born. so winnie the poop i blame this all on you!

Friday, October 22, 2010


well yes it's been a while since i posted and i have good reason! i have been very very sick the last 3 months and am finally able to keep my food down and not just lay on the couch all day! i have a ton to catch up on now and first things first will be catch up on cleaning my house. but the good news is we are expecting! yay my due date is April 16th! hopefully i'll get some pics on here soon of all the fun stuff that has happened in the last while but it might be a while!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fun summer fun pics

these are just some random pics from over the summer of the fun times we've had!

this is poor bridger after we took a short walk in redmond one evening and he had over 50 mosquito bite he had to have calamine lotion on him for the next few days =(.
yep this is how he is sleeping!

bridger loves food just as much as his mamma!
and no i did not put this on his head he does this himself and gets on his bike and rides around! he's a "cool dude"!
i'm the luckiest mom ever to get to have such a cute wonderful little guy! (i know you all feel the same way about your you should) i love him more than there are words for!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A zebra wedding cake!

we just made another wedding cake and yes this is exactly what the girl wanted she sent us a picture and what she wanted for colors! this cake turned out amazing i loved it! and it does look a little slanted on the pictures but wasn't so i think it was my skills as photographer!
this is karissa she even came down for a day and helped!

tara cutting out the stripes
this is us at the place with our final product! it was so much fun we love making them!

i'll have to post more pics soon of all the fun we had the week we where at my parents!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

flaby flab go away!

ok so i have the most difficult time working out! i always have some excuse for not doing it such as there are snakes on the road (i saw 3 in the length of a football field) i can't afford to get a gym pass or buy that expensive video, or it's just to far to travel and i don't have a babysitter! but i have no excuses anymore i just found this website and did a full one hour boot camp video FREE! i loved it! i can do it in my own home and watch bridger at the same time and nobody can see my flab flabbing around and did i mention it's FREE! i also put it up here cause usually i'm better at doing things when i have it in writing and i thought maybe you guys might like it too! anyhoo here is the link!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

summer fun

we went down to richfield to the goodwin family get-together and where able to spend some time with aidans family! Bridger had sucha blast playing with the other kids and being outside and running around! here he is with his cousin lele! she is crawling around and i guess bridger thought it would be fun to join her!
i think he forgot that she was a baby and not his pillow =)

he loved playing the piano with his aunt ashley.
and lele loved yoda!
we have decided that bridger is ready for his first bike and even tho his birthday isn't until sept we got him an early present! he loves it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Goodness Cakes!

i went home this last week for my two beautiful nieces baptisms! then i stayed for a week to make a wedding cake! bridger and yoda came with me and boy did we have a lot of fun! here are pictures from our trip!

this was toward the end of our stay and bridger was all tuckered out and taking a nap on grandpa!
being a goof at grandmas house!

bridger loves his cousins and really enjoys anytime he gets to spend with them!

with it being summer we had a lot of time to play in the water this picture is at the lake we had a very hard time getting bridger out of it! he also got to go to the city pool and play on a slip-n-slide!
yes he is rocking out in this!
this was one of bridgers favorite things to do! he ran to the four-wheeler every time we went outside!
this is the construction of the cake we put a lot of hours into this cake (it was our first paying gig!)
here is the final result the girl we made it for told us just what she wanted and i think it turned out AMAZING!

it was a fun week but it's good to be back home i can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Friday, May 14, 2010

check out my other blog!

hey guys just wanted to remind you about my other blog the shutter bugs! anyhoo i'm going to post the spring pictures in the next few days so if you have any get them sent to me asap! anyhoo if you like taking pics and haven't checked it out yet here is the link! it's also on the side of my blog too on the right at the top!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A condo garden looks like this....

so i tried to do a small garden when we lived in the duplex and the stupid neighbors dog at my only zucini! so this year i decided to so a small salsa garden on our deck! i got a really good deal on some plants from IFA they where each 99 cents and then they gave us a free tomato plant and a strawberry plant! anyhoo i've had them for a bit and decided that they really needed to get planted! so yesterday that's what we did. i discovered that bridger loves dirt! i gave him his own spoon (cuz i don't have a shovel and the spoon works just as good) he loved it, at one point he even tried to eat the dirt off his spoon! well here it is three tomato plants two peppers and one strawberry!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the tulip festival!

ok sorry about another blog with a billion pictures but i take so many now and i just love them they capture so much fun! we went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point. it was a lot of fun!
this is bridger rolling down the hill (which he started doing all by himself we didn't show him how)

he just had to sit under the tree even though it was poking into his head!
my little guy is such a blessing he just loves life!
he might take after me....but just a little!
we watched this helicopter practice getting water in his bucket.
Aidan is an amazing father!

my three wonderful boys!