Monday, December 22, 2008

meet the new addition to our family!

this is jack frost goodwin. born december 22nd. 6ft and 310lbs. we are so excited to have him join the family and look forward to many more days of having him wave to us from the front yard.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rock Band

aidan and i bought my sisters xbox 360 and her games. one of which was rock band. oh my goodness it is so much fun and so addicting. i have moved on in the guitar and now play medium instead of easy. well on the 17th it was my sister misty's birthday so all the girls got together to go christmas shoping. it was a lot of fun especially later that night when we got pizza and had a rock band tournament.
karissa is the best one out of all of us she's plays on hard and can do some of the easier songs on expert.

aidan really concentrating on the notes. nobody can do the drums on anything but easy.

we were even brave enough to sing. go tara!

it may not look like gavin is having fun but he got his turn at all the instruments. we were actually surprised that a 4year old could go so long without dying.

my mom even got in on the action and didn't get kicked off the stage once her very first time. we were so proud. you would think that all this time you spend playing a silly video game you could learn to play a real insturment.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

our first family professional photo shoot

and yes we got suckered in to buying more than we had planned on!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

oh christmas tree

aidan and i put up the christmas tree today and lets just say it takes up about one fourth of our front room. when i went to get it with my family up in the mountains it was on the side of a hill so it didn't look so big until after we cut it down. oh well aidan and i struggled a bit to get it in the house but once we got it to fit we sure had a lot of fun putting up the trimmings. bridger loves the tree he has just been staring at it all night. i just love christmas and this year is really special because i get to share it with my son. the last two were pretty hard to get through with out our little angel to share them with. she will still be missed but that's why christmas is even more special. whitout christ's birth we would have never had his atonment and sacrafice. i feel so blessed that as long as i do my part i will get to see her again. anyhoo i just love this whole month and wish it lasted all year but then i guess it wouldn't be as exciting.