Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm loosing my mind

alright so yesterday i went a little weird. i had decided (after watching oprah) that i was going to roast a chicken. this was something new that i had never done before. i started with buying the cheapest 5lb chicken i could find and brought it home. then i began my extensive research on the Internet to learn just how to roast a chicken. i decided to go with a butter herb spread and to brine the chicken before hand. i even went to the store and bought fresh herbs. when it came time to push the spread up under the chicken skin it was very difficult i could barely get the skin to separate from the stupid bird. after a lot of hard work i threw it into a turkey bag and in the oven. by the time it was done it smelled so good but didn't look quiet like oprah's. i woke aidan up and we sat down and i began to carve the bird but the thing was all bones. aidan and i spent a lot of time picking off what we could until we were full. then it came time to put the food away and we began striping the rest of the meat off and aidan turned it over and there amazingly was all this white succulent meat. i had cooked that stupid thing upside down. no wonder it didn't look like the pictures. and the night just got worse. i had changed my shirt but the new one i put on was inside out. when bridger was in his regular fussy time we decided to go for a ride and get a drink. glad i ran into the store forgetting all about my shirt and wondering why the two other people in there kept staring at me. by the time we got back bridger was out and so was i. aidan got up to take care of him the first while and i guess when he came back into bed our conversation went like this.
me "where's the ketchup?"
aidan "what?"
me "i mean the hot dog?"
aidan "hu?"
me "well, what's the dogs name again?"
aidan "yoda?"
me "oh ya"
but i have absolutely no recollection of this but aidan said it was pretty funny. i really must have been tired. but i guess roasting a chicken really takes a lot out of ya.

Monday, October 27, 2008

bridger's smile

Monday, October 20, 2008

I went home this last weekend to celebrate my moms, ravens and my own birthdays. it was a lot of fun and i was able to spend time with all my sisters. when i went down however i found out that my grandpas health is not doing so well and he may need to even get a pace maker. so i made sure bridger was able to get some pictures with him. we also have some pictures with his great grandparents on the goodwin side. the other picture i posted it just becouse i thought it was cute and well that's about it not to exciting of a post.