Monday, June 6, 2011

Gracie's blessing day!

we blessed Gracie on june 5th and it was a wonderful day! she was absolutely beautiful! i finally captured a smile on camera too!
this is bridger showing off his boots for a picture!

this is Gracie with her great grandpa and grandma pickett.

bridger and ari enjoying the dinner.

Gracies aunt ashely and uncle cody...we are so glad to everyone that was able to make it!

this is the back of gracie's dress. i loved this dress is was so pretty!

here is a pic of us and i hate it but i put it up anyways! i still have 20lbs to loose from this pregnancy + all the weight i want to loose after that!

great grandma goodwin holding gracie.

here is another little smile i just love his little girl!

here is the front of her dress...she was the belle of the ball!

i have felt so blessed lately i have been given so much! my children are the best gifts i could ever receive and i love them so so so so so much! i'm grateful that i get to be a mom and i can only pray for the very best for my children! i'm also blessed by all my family and i'm so grateful for all of them that are in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to aidan's parents and grandparents! i don't think we can thank you enough! they gave us a car the day of gracies blessing! (we have been using only one car for most of our marriage) it was an amazing surprise! i'll have to take some pictures of it soon!


Erica Jessop said...

the could be the cutest blessing dress I have EVER seen she looks stunning!!!! Oh how I wish I could have been there!!! Love ya little Gracie!!

kim and ned said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad it was a good day.